Up On The Garage Top Reindeer Pause

Out jumps good old Santa Claus
Down thru the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones
Christmas joys  
I bet you have one of these in your garage too
a 1960’s Santa and reindeer
Those of us in the Garage wish you a
Merry Christmas
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This Booze was good to the last drop…I guess.

While doing some chores around Mom’s Garage

I found some more whiskey bottles, some empty and some full.
(how those full ones made it all these years will remain a mystery)

Here’s the first one


A 1971 Jack Daniel’s Maxwell House decanter

This decanter is a replica of a bottle originally designed by 

Mr. Jack’s nephew In 1905

for the Maxwell House Hotel their slogan was

“Come for the coffee, Stay for the Booze”

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Classics In The Garage

Classics in Jazz that is !


I have no idea who in the family was a Jazz fan


I found a box filled with old records

for the yoots out there

that is an old fashioned hard drive

usually used to store music

I’m in the process of converting these to MP3s

so for now and your listening pleasure

from the 1940s

repackaged for this box set from the 1960s

Small Combos Part 1

 Small Combos Part 2

 Small Combos Part 3


with plenty more to come


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Beans Beans The Magical Fruit

The More You Eat 

The More You Need Bean Pots By West Bend


These bean pots or what I would call bean crocks

are from the 1950s in prefect condition

there’s only some water damage to the box


After some Internet research I’ve found that there is also a matching bean cooker or what looks like a slow cooker

I’ll have to dig deeper to see if that is in the garage too.



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Let There Be Light…after Light After Light

I found a box filled with matchbooks,

hundreds of them.

So many they would be a fire hazard if they were stored with anything flammable, say like a lantern (see previous below)

Here’s one from Jim and Gretchen.


I guess it was from their wedding

or they were from the society to promote smoking it was 1965.

 If anyone knows them I wonder what lasted longer

the matches or their marriage ?

Here’s some from fine restaurants


The chef from Zoli’s looks like he could teach Emeril a few things because he has the official Chef Hat, 

the matchbook cover from The Cleopatra Restaurant says “no cover” good thing because that lady isn’t wearing any !


Here’s the politician promising to abolish the property tax


I guess he didn’t win

the yard signs around here are still asking for the same thing

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The Train is now leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa, Mom’s Garage and Cuc…amonga !

Watch out, somewhere up and down the eastern seaboard

there’s a train without lights !!

These Train lanterns are from the Dressel Lamp company, Arlington New Jersey.


they date I guess from the 1920’s, any help you can give me would be appreciated.

My Great Grand Father worked on the railroad (all the live long day) 

the way the story goes when he took a lunch break

his sardine sandwiches smelled so bad the train just left without him.

The lanterns are used, but not that much. 

I guess my Great Grand Father didn’t work that hard

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Back To The Garage, Back To The Grind !

Time To Come Clean

After a lot of searching I have found myself, back in the garage !

Today’s entry comes from the Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook New York.

I found these soap grinder and dispensers.


For their time the Soapmaster soap dispenser must have been pretty high tech


The Soapmaster holds a bar of specially designed soap that is spring loaded and then

the person with dirty hands turns the crank on the side. 

Here’s the grinder with the bar of soap.

On top of the grinder is the key that opens the unit


The grinder dispenses shaved soap to produce mountains of luxurious suds I’m sure strong enough to kill germs

and melt off your fingerprints at the same time

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How ‘Bout Some Slaw Pa ?

Watching late night television infomercials

you see all sorts of wonderful kitchen gadgets

and wonder how did we live without ’em ? 

here’s how !

with  1890s slaw cutters !!



The Slaw Cutter features 2 count ’em 2 blades to slice and dice

your way through a mountain of cabbage

You’ll have enough Cole Slaw to feed an Army ! 



That’s right, good “Old Fashioned” Cole Slaw just like your Grand Ma made literally !

but wait there’s more call now (if the phone has been invented)

and we’ll throw in the handy basket to hold your cabbage



Mountains and mountains of creamy fresh “Home Made” Cole Slaw made in your very own home !


(cabbage, bandages and tourniquet not included)

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Lionstone Whiskey Bottles

Here are the youngest things I’ve pulled out of Mom’s Garage so far

(other than my associate, see pic one of previous post)


They are empty Lionstone Whiskey Bottles circa 1970.

(empty  I can’t figure out how that happened)


The Whiskey bottles are birds in their natural habitat


Now I did a little Internet snooping on these, their value is about ten bucks.

Just like all this stuff from Mom’s Garage I wasn’t looking to sell them

but I was assuming that they would have a greater value.

Heck I would think a decent bottle of whiskey from the 1970s

would have cost ten dollars, 

now over 30 years later they don’t show much appreciation in value.


At least they were full in the 70s I hope someone had some enjoyment from them.

That must have been some real cheap hooch

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Something’s Fishy Here

My associate and I found this very interesting glass fish.


The fish appears to me to be blown glass.

I say appears because it’s hollow and the nose has a hole in it

I assume that’s where the blowing took place.


Now I’m no expert on,,,well much of anything but I know this is very old  primitive

because my associate is very finicky

and would never be so interested in something very new.


I’ve searched the Internets looking for something similar with no luck,

any help on the origin of such a fish would be appreciated.

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