The Emperor Kwong-Josh Steak Oven

My Father was a well known bon vivant and raconteur: Being so he I’m sure he picked these up from some famous chef from the Far East.

These are terracotta type of enclosure measuring a total 15 inches in length including the handles, the clay area is 9 inches by 7 inches.

They have the words The Emperor Kwong-Josh Steak Oven.

I have never seen these Steak Ovens in action but they don’t seem to be tough enough to withstand the high heat of a BBQ grill or oven.

My guess is that you fill ’em up with with exotic meats and veggies and somehow cook with them.

Any help on how to use these would be nice.


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  1. Too cool. How do you know they won’t withstand the heat of a grill? Have you tried it?

  2. No I haven’t.

    To be honest I’m guessing these are from the 70’s and full of lead paint and red dye #9 plus they’ve been sitting in Mom’s Garage for years under a stack of Grit Magazines.

  3. You first soak them in water for 15-20 minutes and cook your meat, veggies and seasoning in it in the oven. Cut out about 10% of the normal cooking time it takes. I have one too. I have been told by my grandmother (the one I got mine from) that is how it is done.

    T 😉
    Terracotta food prep dishes are always supposed to be soaked 15-20 mins and they are 100% safe and all natural products.

  4. wow thanks so much !

    That’s a start but it seems the food would pick up the smell er,,make that aroma of the Terracotta but hey I’ll give it a try.

    Do you like to use it ?

  5. You might look into similar activity of ‘seasoning’ a cast-iron frying pan? I know the clay and terracotta cooking dishes can be ‘seasoned’ too. As well as you are not really supposed to use soap to wash them. They eventually get an oily coating and the ‘aroma’ eventually will go away. You can also let them air out. But the big one is the soaking before use.

  6. I know this an old post. If anyone is interested:

    I have one of these. You do not season it. It seasons from cooking with it.

    I have the original instructions for it. Email me if you are interested in them.


    • Thanks for the comment
      Can you scan and e mail the instructions for these?
      Mom’s Garage has a ton of stuff to post.I need to get back in the garage.

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