BAM Let’s kick it down a notch !

I found this 1963 vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book for barbecues and picnics


this features great menu ideas like

How To Eat Lunch Hobo Style


no dumpster diving here

Only the best Peanut-Butter Buns and Peter Rabbit style carrots

who knew Hobos (or I should say vagrancy enhanced Americans) ate giant sugar cookies and circus peanuts


just please remember to sally forth

 not only did people in 1963 use the phrase “sally forth” but this cook book

has pictures of people smoking and kids riding bicycles without helmets yikes !

I better sally forth  but I have my helmet on !

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  1. Funny post! Very entertaining! But what does sally forth mean? Those were the good old days when food was really food and nothing caused cancer.

  2. from

    sally forth

    set out in a sudden, energetic or violent manner

    but I’m never too sudden or violent so

    upon further review it’s also a comic strip

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