Please Mr. Postman

Please Mr. Postman let one of these be the next Inverted Jenny.



In Mom’s garage I found a old bag filled with postage stamps from around the world

I mean all around the world





and of course The United States


here’s some more to sample

there’s 100s of them in various conditions.

Even if they don’t have value like the Inverted Jenny

it’s a cool look at the stamp world from the 1960’s


stamps_8.jpeg stamps_10.jpeg stamps_0.jpeg

stamps_3.jpeg stamps_9.jpeg stamps_4.jpeg

So all you Internet Philatelic Investors

take a look see and get your checkbooks out.

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  1. Cool stamp collection! I found the one from Iraq the most intriguing.

  2. Thank You so much. The intriguing thing about the Iraq one is why does it have a picture of Andy Garcia on it ?

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