Silk Paintings

A rainy day here so what’s that mean…?

It’s a good day to snoop around Mom’s Garage. (She’s at work so she’ll never notice.)

I found these exquisite looking silk paintings measuring 14½ by 17 ½;

rolled up in a tube.

I’ll assume they’re from Japan until you tell me different.

   silk-master-1.jpg silk-master-2.jpg  

They may be from the Tokyo Big Lots or Yen General

although I prefer to think they’re from the Ginza or Mikimoto.

The paintings each have writing on the bottom corner,

signed I’m sure by some great master 50 years ago.


Any interpretation of this would be much appreciated.


These paintings are in museum condition

that’s what Mom’s Garage is it’s a museum of rare and hidden things


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  1. So beautiful. I don’t think the first one is Japanese since the men in the painting are wearing pants and hats. Very strange. Maybe they were white sailors? The second one, after closer examination, looks more Chinese or Korean because of the design of the roofs and lanterns. They remind me of the authentic Okinawan homes back in the day…Okinawans were influenced by the Chinese.

  2. Thanks very much jayfan for the info !

  3. Just by coincidence I have had the same thing happen to me. I found six asian silk paintings cleaning out my parents house after they both passed away. I have no idea excatly where they came from but asian area. A couple of them are signed Ng hoang 1965. I am thinking these two are from Vietnam, the other two are signed in some asian script, the other two I dont think they are signed, but they all are still in the picture frames my mom had them in.
    I am afraid of touching them to much with my oily fingers?

  4. Thanks for the message

    I found these rolled up in the original tube. It was kind of tiger skin looking paper tube.

    I have not been able to go hunting in the garage for a week or so, I hope to soon

  5. Have you found out anything about these silk paintings? I have a silk painting that has to be the brother of the painting of the ships and sailors- same colors, same sailors, same ships, and same structure. The paintings were brought home by my father after the war. Have you found out anything about those paintings. Have not checked the signature (they’re at another house)

  6. I have not found out anything about these.

    but I would like to

  7. My father said he got his paintings in Japan during the Korean War.

  8. Anything about the paintings yet? My uncle sent several silk paintings to my grandparents from Vietnam when he was there in 1969. Three of them were signed by Ng Hoang and a couple in a different style were not signed. The ones he sent by Ng Hoang were more bright and vibrant than yours and the shadowing is different.

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