Something’s Fishy Here

My associate and I found this very interesting glass fish.


The fish appears to me to be blown glass.

I say appears because it’s hollow and the nose has a hole in it

I assume that’s where the blowing took place.


Now I’m no expert on,,,well much of anything but I know this is very old  primitive

because my associate is very finicky

and would never be so interested in something very new.


I’ve searched the Internets looking for something similar with no luck,

any help on the origin of such a fish would be appreciated.

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  1. Beautiful! I think it’s Russian…post 1940’s though. Did it come with a stand?

  2. Thanks JayFan
    I’ll be rushin’ to find out !

  3. Try searching for Murano End of the Day blown glass fish. And I have also seen Russian blown glass fish that are similar. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks will do

  5. Hi please could you let me know what you find out please, as I have two of this fish which I know are old and where left to me by my father who sadley has passed way, there are stuck in my attic,
    many thank


  6. OMG, that is sooo funny!!
    I grew up in Poland and I remember a fish market that my mom and I used to go to that had fish like that on the display.
    I tried to find them online because even though it looks kinda tacky, I remember wanting one as a little girl…to no avail!

  7. These FISH are ALTAGLASS, a Canadian Glass Company. I am almost 100% sure of it. Check out this link of ALTAGLASS FISH HERE (there are 2 pages)

    You can browse around there more to see Glass examples of other stuff they made too, but like I said — I am almost 100% sure your Fish is ALTAGLASS.

    thanks – hope that helped.

    Rosey (from Canada)

  8. …..and it could be — would be MURANO GLASS, and End of the Day colors used. Check either site. you are the closest to it to see exactly what it looks like.

  9. Thanks so much.
    with spring ready to sprung I’ll get back to the garage

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