The Train is now leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa, Mom’s Garage and Cuc…amonga !

Watch out, somewhere up and down the eastern seaboard

there’s a train without lights !!

These Train lanterns are from the Dressel Lamp company, Arlington New Jersey.


they date I guess from the 1920’s, any help you can give me would be appreciated.

My Great Grand Father worked on the railroad (all the live long day) 

the way the story goes when he took a lunch break

his sardine sandwiches smelled so bad the train just left without him.

The lanterns are used, but not that much. 

I guess my Great Grand Father didn’t work that hard

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  1. So you can say your great grandfather was just passing the time away instead of working? Did he know a Dinah? Cool lanterns. Do they use oil or kerosene or just candles? Have you tried lighting them?

  2. they’re kerosene

    Dinah was in charge of the horn department but also in the kitchen that’s why he had the sardines he got tired of her blowing that horn not to mention her strumming that banjo

  3. They didn’t have electricity in the 1920’s?

  4. they had electricity but no extension cords

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