This Booze was good to the last drop…I guess.

While doing some chores around Mom’s Garage

I found some more whiskey bottles, some empty and some full.
(how those full ones made it all these years will remain a mystery)

Here’s the first one


A 1971 Jack Daniel’s Maxwell House decanter

This decanter is a replica of a bottle originally designed by 

Mr. Jack’s nephew In 1905

for the Maxwell House Hotel their slogan was

“Come for the coffee, Stay for the Booze”

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Classics In The Garage

Classics in Jazz that is !


I have no idea who in the family was a Jazz fan


I found a box filled with old records

for the yoots out there

that is an old fashioned hard drive

usually used to store music

I’m in the process of converting these to MP3s

so for now and your listening pleasure

from the 1940s

repackaged for this box set from the 1960s

Small Combos Part 1

 Small Combos Part 2

 Small Combos Part 3


with plenty more to come


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