Silk Paintings

A rainy day here so what’s that mean…?

It’s a good day to snoop around Mom’s Garage. (She’s at work so she’ll never notice.)

I found these exquisite looking silk paintings measuring 14½ by 17 ½;

rolled up in a tube.

I’ll assume they’re from Japan until you tell me different.

   silk-master-1.jpg silk-master-2.jpg  

They may be from the Tokyo Big Lots or Yen General

although I prefer to think they’re from the Ginza or Mikimoto.

The paintings each have writing on the bottom corner,

signed I’m sure by some great master 50 years ago.


Any interpretation of this would be much appreciated.


These paintings are in museum condition

that’s what Mom’s Garage is it’s a museum of rare and hidden things


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