This Aint From Starbucks

In a old dusty box stuffed with tissue paper I came across what appears to be a coffee service set from Japan.


the cups and saucers are paper thin and very fragile



This coffee service set looks to be from the 1950’s and is in great shape

on the bottom of all the pieces there is this Japanese writing


Now my Japanese isn’t very good

so I don’t know what that means or says

and by not very good I mean

Wakarimasu Ka



in all this stuff from Japan I find in Mom’s Garage you’d think I could find a decent camera


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Victorian Napco lady with 3 boxes and a dog

Mom wanted to go to Aldi’s * this weekend so I had to move the PT Cruiser, that means I also had to move some boxes.

Behind some old boxes I found this very cool Napco Victorian Lady with a dog on a leash and carrying 3 boxes that look like Christmas presents (or two presents and one pizza).

Napco Victorian Lady with dognapco2.jpg

On the bottom this has the original Napco sticker and the code AX2752A. Napco ceramics are all over the Internet  but I can’t find this same piece.

(* it’s a regional dialect law to pluralize all grocery store names)

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