Hey Minerva that’s some bust you’ve got. Well thank you !

I’ve seen this bust statue of Minerva  sitting around the garage for years, 

when I say for years I mean about 40. 


It’s roughly 2 feet tall hollow and of some metal I’m guessing  aged copper or brass.

It’s always intrigued me and for some reason she has a parrot on her head.


The parrot looks like it may have been broken off at some point

probably some kid running around when he was told not to

but has been expertly repaired.

I always assumed it was a member of my family but then a google of the name


Minerva revealed she was the Daughter of Jupiter and a virgin goddess

so I guess that leaves my family out.

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Silk Paintings

A rainy day here so what’s that mean…?

It’s a good day to snoop around Mom’s Garage. (She’s at work so she’ll never notice.)

I found these exquisite looking silk paintings measuring 14½ by 17 ½;

rolled up in a tube.

I’ll assume they’re from Japan until you tell me different.

   silk-master-1.jpg silk-master-2.jpg  

They may be from the Tokyo Big Lots or Yen General

although I prefer to think they’re from the Ginza or Mikimoto.

The paintings each have writing on the bottom corner,

signed I’m sure by some great master 50 years ago.


Any interpretation of this would be much appreciated.


These paintings are in museum condition

that’s what Mom’s Garage is it’s a museum of rare and hidden things


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Cars From The Garage

I found 3 boxes of these Classic Matchbox Cars

I’ve got to tell you at first I passed up posting these

because they’re not in perfect shape and the Internets are

full of collectors trying to sell their Matchbox cars that are in perfect shape.

 Then it struck me that’s what’s appealing to me about these toys

the kid who had them in the 60’s actually played with them

and by the looks of them the kid was playing outside !

(for younger folks checking in here playing outside meant actually going outside and I’m sure involved dirt)

 Sure if these were in perfect shape I could sell them for $1.99 on Ebay

but I’m guessing the kid that played with these got a better value

here’s a Jaguar Mk10 (with trailer hitch)


an Opel Diplomat


This kid had big dreams 2 Rolls Royce Silver Shadows


how about a Greyhound Coach


this kid must have liked ice cream


 and racing



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This Will Grab You

Although this item I found in Mom’s Garage isn’t as spectacular as say

Napco Victorian Lady or even The Steak Oven

it really took me by surprise !

I was looking at these tongs thinking these would be great to use when I grill



then I looked at the handle

The Tongs are a promotional item from

Marathon Gasoline


I am just guessing that they are from the 1960’s

sure in the 60’s you couldn’t get a bladder buster diet coke and nachos

but you did get some tongs plus

an attendant would check your oil and wipe your windshield

I bet most of us even got green stamps… I better look in the garage for them !

That’s why I like stuff from Mom’s Garage

it takes you back to a time when things were different




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An Uncommonly Good Cuckoo Clock

I really like this small Cuckoo Clock


 the back says it’s from The Keebler Clock Company Philadelphia

it is Elfin in size about 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide

The Keebler Clock has chains and a pendulum like a normal cuckoo clock

but in fact has a key wind up mechanism you can see where you wind it at the 9 o’clock position

it looks very old I’m guessing the 1930’s

The clock is in great shape and it keeps perfect time

(well it’s right twice a day)


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Back To The Garage !

With the July 4th Holiday and a wedding last week I wasn’t able to get in the garage.

I’m back now and ready to snoop around Mom’s Garage. I’ll see what has postability !


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This Aint From Starbucks

In a old dusty box stuffed with tissue paper I came across what appears to be a coffee service set from Japan.


the cups and saucers are paper thin and very fragile



This coffee service set looks to be from the 1950’s and is in great shape

on the bottom of all the pieces there is this Japanese writing


Now my Japanese isn’t very good

so I don’t know what that means or says

and by not very good I mean

Wakarimasu Ka



in all this stuff from Japan I find in Mom’s Garage you’d think I could find a decent camera


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Please Mr. Postman

Please Mr. Postman let one of these be the next Inverted Jenny.



In Mom’s garage I found a old bag filled with postage stamps from around the world

I mean all around the world





and of course The United States


here’s some more to sample

there’s 100s of them in various conditions.

Even if they don’t have value like the Inverted Jenny

it’s a cool look at the stamp world from the 1960’s


stamps_8.jpeg stamps_10.jpeg stamps_0.jpeg

stamps_3.jpeg stamps_9.jpeg stamps_4.jpeg

So all you Internet Philatelic Investors

take a look see and get your checkbooks out.

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BAM Let’s kick it down a notch !

I found this 1963 vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book for barbecues and picnics


this features great menu ideas like

How To Eat Lunch Hobo Style


no dumpster diving here

Only the best Peanut-Butter Buns and Peter Rabbit style carrots

who knew Hobos (or I should say vagrancy enhanced Americans) ate giant sugar cookies and circus peanuts


just please remember to sally forth

 not only did people in 1963 use the phrase “sally forth” but this cook book

has pictures of people smoking and kids riding bicycles without helmets yikes !

I better sally forth  but I have my helmet on !

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Victorian Napco lady with 3 boxes and a dog

Mom wanted to go to Aldi’s * this weekend so I had to move the PT Cruiser, that means I also had to move some boxes.

Behind some old boxes I found this very cool Napco Victorian Lady with a dog on a leash and carrying 3 boxes that look like Christmas presents (or two presents and one pizza).

Napco Victorian Lady with dognapco2.jpg

On the bottom this has the original Napco sticker and the code AX2752A. Napco ceramics are all over the Internet  but I can’t find this same piece.

(* it’s a regional dialect law to pluralize all grocery store names)

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