Let There Be Light…after Light After Light

I found a box filled with matchbooks,

hundreds of them.

So many they would be a fire hazard if they were stored with anything flammable, say like a lantern (see previous below)

Here’s one from Jim and Gretchen.


I guess it was from their wedding

or they were from the society to promote smoking it was 1965.

 If anyone knows them I wonder what lasted longer

the matches or their marriage ?

Here’s some from fine restaurants


The chef from Zoli’s looks like he could teach Emeril a few things because he has the official Chef Hat, 

the matchbook cover from The Cleopatra Restaurant says “no cover” good thing because that lady isn’t wearing any !


Here’s the politician promising to abolish the property tax


I guess he didn’t win

the yard signs around here are still asking for the same thing

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