Lionstone Whiskey Bottles

Here are the youngest things I’ve pulled out of Mom’s Garage so far

(other than my associate, see pic one of previous post)


They are empty Lionstone Whiskey Bottles circa 1970.

(empty  I can’t figure out how that happened)


The Whiskey bottles are birds in their natural habitat


Now I did a little Internet snooping on these, their value is about ten bucks.

Just like all this stuff from Mom’s Garage I wasn’t looking to sell them

but I was assuming that they would have a greater value.

Heck I would think a decent bottle of whiskey from the 1970s

would have cost ten dollars, 

now over 30 years later they don’t show much appreciation in value.


At least they were full in the 70s I hope someone had some enjoyment from them.

That must have been some real cheap hooch

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