Beans Beans The Magical Fruit

The More You Eat 

The More You Need Bean Pots By West Bend


These bean pots or what I would call bean crocks

are from the 1950s in prefect condition

there’s only some water damage to the box


After some Internet research I’ve found that there is also a matching bean cooker or what looks like a slow cooker

I’ll have to dig deeper to see if that is in the garage too.



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How ‘Bout Some Slaw Pa ?

Watching late night television infomercials

you see all sorts of wonderful kitchen gadgets

and wonder how did we live without ’em ? 

here’s how !

with  1890s slaw cutters !!



The Slaw Cutter features 2 count ’em 2 blades to slice and dice

your way through a mountain of cabbage

You’ll have enough Cole Slaw to feed an Army ! 



That’s right, good “Old Fashioned” Cole Slaw just like your Grand Ma made literally !

but wait there’s more call now (if the phone has been invented)

and we’ll throw in the handy basket to hold your cabbage



Mountains and mountains of creamy fresh “Home Made” Cole Slaw made in your very own home !


(cabbage, bandages and tourniquet not included)

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This Will Grab You

Although this item I found in Mom’s Garage isn’t as spectacular as say

Napco Victorian Lady or even The Steak Oven

it really took me by surprise !

I was looking at these tongs thinking these would be great to use when I grill



then I looked at the handle

The Tongs are a promotional item from

Marathon Gasoline


I am just guessing that they are from the 1960’s

sure in the 60’s you couldn’t get a bladder buster diet coke and nachos

but you did get some tongs plus

an attendant would check your oil and wipe your windshield

I bet most of us even got green stamps… I better look in the garage for them !

That’s why I like stuff from Mom’s Garage

it takes you back to a time when things were different




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BAM Let’s kick it down a notch !

I found this 1963 vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book for barbecues and picnics


this features great menu ideas like

How To Eat Lunch Hobo Style


no dumpster diving here

Only the best Peanut-Butter Buns and Peter Rabbit style carrots

who knew Hobos (or I should say vagrancy enhanced Americans) ate giant sugar cookies and circus peanuts


just please remember to sally forth

 not only did people in 1963 use the phrase “sally forth” but this cook book

has pictures of people smoking and kids riding bicycles without helmets yikes !

I better sally forth  but I have my helmet on !

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The Emperor Kwong-Josh Steak Oven

My Father was a well known bon vivant and raconteur: Being so he I’m sure he picked these up from some famous chef from the Far East.

These are terracotta type of enclosure measuring a total 15 inches in length including the handles, the clay area is 9 inches by 7 inches.

They have the words The Emperor Kwong-Josh Steak Oven.

I have never seen these Steak Ovens in action but they don’t seem to be tough enough to withstand the high heat of a BBQ grill or oven.

My guess is that you fill ’em up with with exotic meats and veggies and somehow cook with them.

Any help on how to use these would be nice.


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