Cars From The Garage

I found 3 boxes of these Classic Matchbox Cars

I’ve got to tell you at first I passed up posting these

because they’re not in perfect shape and the Internets are

full of collectors trying to sell their Matchbox cars that are in perfect shape.

 Then it struck me that’s what’s appealing to me about these toys

the kid who had them in the 60’s actually played with them

and by the looks of them the kid was playing outside !

(for younger folks checking in here playing outside meant actually going outside and I’m sure involved dirt)

 Sure if these were in perfect shape I could sell them for $1.99 on Ebay

but I’m guessing the kid that played with these got a better value

here’s a Jaguar Mk10 (with trailer hitch)


an Opel Diplomat


This kid had big dreams 2 Rolls Royce Silver Shadows


how about a Greyhound Coach


this kid must have liked ice cream


 and racing



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