Back To The Garage, Back To The Grind !

Time To Come Clean

After a lot of searching I have found myself, back in the garage !

Today’s entry comes from the Voorhis-Tiebout Company of Red Hook New York.

I found these soap grinder and dispensers.


For their time the Soapmaster soap dispenser must have been pretty high tech


The Soapmaster holds a bar of specially designed soap that is spring loaded and then

the person with dirty hands turns the crank on the side. 

Here’s the grinder with the bar of soap.

On top of the grinder is the key that opens the unit


The grinder dispenses shaved soap to produce mountains of luxurious suds I’m sure strong enough to kill germs

and melt off your fingerprints at the same time

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  1. How old do you think it is? I think I remember seeing something like that as a little kid, like in movie drive-in bathrooms.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get one of these dispensers? I have been looking all over and have not been able find one at antique markets or on ebay. Please let mem know if you fnd one up for sale.
    jon –

  3. I remember these from my childhood. I’d like to install one in my 1910 house. Would you be willing to sell me one?

  4. these came from a local carwash my Father owned in the 60’s and 70’s

    not sure about selling one of them how about this.
    I’ve seen others on e bay and stuff check them out if not drop me a line.

  5. oh, I would LOVE to have one of these! I remember them from department store bathrooms. Nobody else knows what I’m talking about!!

  6. they are from a car wash bathroom (these are new never used) about 1968

    wow I haven’t been in the garage in a while lots of stuff is stacking up I better get to work here

  7. I saw one in use in a men’s rooom of a restaurant on Cape Cod this summer and it inovked childhood memories as I went to school next door to the Voorhis home , a large farm with many horses.. and lived very close to the factory in Red Hook

    The grinders are really amazing

  8. wow very nice
    thanks for the comment

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